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The Canada Show: The Complete History of Canada
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Originally created in 2001 by
Monster Theatre,The Canada Show toured almost non-stop for the next ten years. 2017, Canada’s 150th Anniversary, will bring The Canada Show out of retirement! Featuring brand new updated material, re-cast with one First Nations actor, one female actor and one Francophone actor, this new version promises  inclusivity and diversity to go along  with its irreverence and hilarity. Three comedic historians try to jam 15,000 years of Canadian history into just one hour! Featuring Justin Beaver, the comedy team of Cabot and Costello, Jacques Cartier Puppets and every Canadian Prime Minister in one minute, this show takes you from the Bering Straight to Justin Trudeau in 60 laugh-packed minutes!

Please note this event has been changed to run from May 31-June 2 at the Revue Stage.
5/31/2017 To 6/2/2017
Space Hippo

The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company
Winnipeg, Canada
Playwright: Daniel Wishes

Scientists weren’t lying. Earth is really dying. Space Hippo, you’re the only one that can undo what we’ve done. Together we can stop the Sun. Sail across the universe. Help us save the planet Earth.

Hilarious and epic science fiction, experienced through live animation.
Original score by Elliott Loran of Snack Music.

***** —Edmonton Sun on Oni: A Sexy Show from Japan 
Award Winner: Best Puppet Show by a new company in Japan from the Aichi Puppetry Centre for the show Debris.

14+ / Violent Content

9/4/2017 7:00 PM