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A David Lynch Wet Dream

Acherontia Productions
Montreal, Canada
Composer/Performer: Natasha Perry-Fagant 
A David Lynch Wet Dream is a surrealist movement piece, a solo show following a character trying to find her place within a harsh and intangible landscape. The story of leaving the clutches of naivety and grappling with the ever-changing nature of identity. Making use of projection and an encompassing sound design, the show plunges the audience into a one of a kind sensory experience.

“By treating the audience as an abstract body … Natasha made a poignant statement about the role external pressures play in the day-to-day performativity of the human body ... Natasha was able to bring me from despair to empowerment.” —Sonja Hanson, CJLO

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Weird / Intense / Poetic / 45 minutes /  18+ / Nudity / Strobe Lights

9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
Isabelle Kirouac & Nayana Fielkov 
Vancouver, Canada 
Playwrights: Isabelle Kirouac & Nayana Fielkov
Accompanied by a mysterious white hare, a woman travels through time to find home in an unknown world. Habitats is a show for all ages blending physical comedy, acrobatic stilts, contemporary dance, and shadow puppetry. It is about the magic we carry with us and the ways we find stability in a world of continuous transformation.  
The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Funny / Family Friendly / Poetic / 45 minutes / All Ages 
9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
7 Ways to Die, a love story

K.I.A. Productions 
Vancouver, Canada 
Playwrights: Keltie & Alexander Forsyth 
Rachel and Irving live in the same building, on the same floor, right across the hall. Still, they are strangers. Then one day, everything changes. A romantic comedy about suicide, 7 Ways to Die, a love story explores the isolation and absurdity of modern life, all the while in full mask without a single line of dialogue. 

“The acting is amazing ... An enjoyable show with an incredible cast.” —Edmonton Sun
“Heartwarming and funny!” —UMFM Winnipeg
“A very charming show... comedically morbid!” —The Buzz Revue

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Funny / Silly / Weird / 60 minutes / 14+ / Sexual Content / Violent Content / Gunshots

9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017

Theatre Terrific 
Vancovuer, Canada 
Playwright: Susanna Uchatius in collaboration with the cast. 
Breath-Ahhh’s all inclusive cast explores the universal truth... that breath is something we all share. This rhythmical explosive work uses dance, imagistic gestures, self-expressed soundscape, and all variations of emotional and physical breath to define the means to support humanity’s co-existence. Join us for another remarkable pioneering work! 

Theatre Terrific is in the development of increasing accessibility capacity for the Deaf-blind, low-vision, and blind communities. Please reach out at or through our ASL interpreters at 778.819.0836 for more information.

Weird / Poetic / Multicultural / 45 minutes / 14+

Underrepresented artist: Collaboratively created and performed by artists who may identify as deaf, physically, mentally, cognitively, gender and culturally different.


9/8/2017 To 9/17/2017

Oakland, USA
Playwright: Figment 
Imagine Charlie Chaplin stumbled into a Salvador Dalí painting.

Dive into the world of a curious writer whose uncontrollable story takes over her life. Figments of imagination are born from her pen, walking a wavering line between reality and fantasy. Part comedy, circus, magic, unexpected puppetry, acrobatic dance, cookies, and audience immersion.
Figmentally is a figment of your imagination that you will want to play over and over again ... A physical theatre experience unlike any other you have seen.” —The Road to 1,000 with Marc Gonzalez 
“Combined physical comedy, mime, magic, juggling, dance, and clown antics into a delightful and whimsical romp.” —Indie Voice Blog

The performance on September 10 is half-price!

Funny / Weird / Family Friendly / 60 minutes / All Ages 

9/8/2017 To 9/16/2017
Bushel and Peck

Alastair Knowles 
Vancouver, Canada 
Playwrights: Alastair Knowles & Stephanie Morin-Robert 
Alastair Knowles (of Canadian Comedy Award winning James & Jamesy) and Stephanie Morin-Robert (five-time Best of Fest winner) stage their relationship with wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence.

Winning Best Cast (London) and Best Choreography (Montreal) Bushel and Peck is “the perfect tonic for whatever ails your mind.” —London Free Press 
“A complete original. ... It’s like watching kittens play... weird yet wondrous to watch. ...  Bushel and Peck is a unique, skillful, indescribable, wonderful show. ... A masterpiece.” —Montreal Rampage         

Funny / Weird / Poetic / 75 minutes / All Ages 

9/11/2017 To 9/17/2017