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How I Lost One Pound, The Musical

Lesley Carlberg 
Mississauga, Canada 
Playwright: Lesley Carlberg 
Abandoned mom and lost soul, Lesley Carlberg is always battling the muffin top. But now she has bigger problems: her kids have left home. So what is she going to be when she grows up? How I Lost One Pound, The Musical follows Lesley’s quest in this dizzying world to realize her purpose in life now, and maybe even lose a pound or two but probably not. 

“I figure, with all the laughing I did, I must’ve lost at least one pound.” —Lauren Stein, Mooney on Theatre 

The performances on September 7 and September 8 are half-price!
Funny / Musical / 60 minutes / 18+ / Coarse Language

Underrepresented artist: How I Lost One Pound, the Musical is written, created and performed by a woman.

9/7/2017 To 9/15/2017
Cry-Baby: The Musical

Awkward Stage Productions 
Vancouver, Canada 
Book by Mark O’Donnell & Thomas Meehan, Music by David Javerbaum & Adam Schlesinger 
Based on the John Waters film, Cry-Baby: The Musical focuses on Baltimore teenager Allison Vernon-Williams, who is drawn across the tracks from her 1954 finishing-school background into a relationship with the orphaned Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker, the leader of a pack of rebel outcasts.

A Tony Award Nominated show by a Pick of the Fringe winning company. 

The performance on September 11 is half-price!
Funny / Musical / In Your Face / 90 minutes / 14+ / Coarse Language / Sexual Content

9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
The Adventures of Rocketman and Beano

Blue Eyes Brown Eyes 
Seattle, USA 
Playwrights: Christine Longé & Tom Spangenberg 
Holy comic books, Beano! Watch as Maggie and Stuart reenact the “original” superhero saga with song, dance, and epic mishaps. Think Lucy and Desi doing Batman and Robin with a dash of Shakespeare. Cheer on and laugh at these superheroes (super-idiots?) in their quest to avenge injustice! 

Reviews of previous show, The Two-Step:
“National treasures ... Don’t miss the opportunity to see this show, or any other show featuring Ms. Longé.” —
**** “Impossible to dislike.” —CBC Manitoba

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Funny / Silly / Musical / 75 minutes / 14+

9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
Blue River Blues

Jim Sands Presents 
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Jim Sands 
A one-person storytelling memoir about life as a Snowmobile Tour Guide at the Athabasca Glacier in 1979. Jim Sands (Charlie: A Hockey Story, The Shakuhachi Quest, and Dating für Dumb Heads) uses stories, songs, and images to tell an intricate tale of glaciers, gorbies, and grand theft auto told against the glorious spectacle of the Rocky Mountains. 

“A gregarious and engaging storyteller.” —Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald
“Quickly drew me under his spell.” —Donna G., The More the Merrier (Toronto)
“You are in for a treat.” —Jason Broadfoot, Plank Magazine 

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Musical / Poetic / 60 minutes / 14+ 

9/7/2017 To 9/16/2017

DMQ Productions
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Devon Simmons MacKinlay
Sechs (zekhs) follows six characters whose different beliefs about intimacy and relationships clash in bars and bedrooms as they try to navigate modern dating.

This is the World Premiere of the Canadian Sechs.

Funny / Intimate /  Musical / 75 minutes / 14+ / Coarse Language / Mature Content / Sexual Content

9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
Gutenberg: The Musical!

Chris Adams presents 
Vancouver, Canada 
Playwrights: Scott Brown & Anthony King
In this whirlwind 90-minute musical comedy, Chris Adams and Erik Gow play over 30 characters in this two-man spoof. A pair of aspiring playwrights perform a backers’ audition for their new project—a big, splashy musical about printing press inventor Johann Gutenberg. Too bad their musical is terrible. Directed by Chris McGregor. 

“A smashing success ... superb comic writers.” —The New York Times
“Zany! zany! zany! ... One hell of a goofy evening!” —Variety
“Hilarious and immensely satisfying ... Delicious comic successes.” —Village Voice

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Funny / Silly / Musical / 90 minutes / 14+ / Coarse Language


9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
Alternate Endings

Bringing Down The House Productions 
Vancouver, Canada 
Playwright: Danielle Braund
What happened to those happy endings you binge watched on your parent’s TV? In this one-woman memoir/parody/cabaret, Danielle (full-body) tackles love in all the wrong places, misplacing careers and car keys, while realizing she won’t self-actualize her inner-Beyoncé. If hurtling towards an imminent ending isn’t simple, at least it’s entertaining.  

The performance on September 10 is half-price!

Funny / Musical / 50 minutes / 14+ / Coarse Language

Underrepresented artist: Female writer/performer

9/8/2017 To 9/17/2017
Draining the Swamp

Curious Creations Theatre 
North Vancouver, Canada
Book and Lyrics: Dawn Moore and Desmond Price
Music: Kevin Michael Cripps
Curious Creations, the company that brought you last year’s Fringe hit, Waiting for Garbo, gets curious again—this time about He Who Shall Not be Named. This musical takes a comedic jab at the privileged few who hold your wealth in their hands. Comic mayhem ensues when The Boss fires his apprentice, shoots his driver, and gets arrested for murder. 

Here is what Entertainment said about our previous play "funny, irreverent, poignant, whimsical, clever and thought provoking....superb performances".  

The performance on September 8 is half-price!

Funny / Musical / Intellectual / 70 minutes / 14+ / Gunshots

9/8/2017 To 9/17/2017
Ain't True & Uncle False

Paul Strickland Presents 
Covington, USA 
Playwright: Paul Strickland 
Step Right Up! Mark Twain meets Tim Burton in this one-man trailer-park comedy (with songs!).
***** —Winnipeg Free Press (2015)
***** —Vue Weekly (Edmonton, 2014)
“Ushers in a new storytelling presence instantly worthy of a place on the top shelf.” —Edmonton Journal (2014)
Winner: Best of Fest at the Calgary Fringe, 2016
Winner: Best of Fest at the Cincinnati Fringe, 2013 
“Through Strickland’s pitch perfect storytelling and verbal acrobatics ... we’re transported to a magical place where common sense may be in short supply, but wisdom abounds.” —CBC (2015) 

The performance on September 8 is half-price!

Funny / Musical / Poetic / 60 minutes / 14+


9/8/2017 To 9/16/2017