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Szeretlek: A Hungarian Love Story

The Grand Salto Theatre 
Toronto, Canada 
Playwrights: The Grand Salto Theatre 
Romance blossoms in post WW2 Hungary when a school teacher from the city meets the village intellectual. The award winning Grand Salto Theatre brings this true family story to life with mask, movement, and song. 

Praise for The Grand Salto Theatre:
**** —Saskatoon StarPhoenix
“Stroke of genius ... Spur of the moment glee.” —Hoopla 

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Warm and Fuzzy / Poetic / Intimate / 50 minutes / All Ages 

9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
A David Lynch Wet Dream

Acherontia Productions
Montreal, Canada
Composer/Performer: Natasha Perry-Fagant 
A David Lynch Wet Dream is a surrealist movement piece, a solo show following a character trying to find her place within a harsh and intangible landscape. The story of leaving the clutches of naivety and grappling with the ever-changing nature of identity. Making use of projection and an encompassing sound design, the show plunges the audience into a one of a kind sensory experience.

“By treating the audience as an abstract body … Natasha made a poignant statement about the role external pressures play in the day-to-day performativity of the human body ... Natasha was able to bring me from despair to empowerment.” —Sonja Hanson, CJLO

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Weird / Intense / Poetic / 45 minutes /  18+ / Nudity / Strobe Lights

9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017

The Elegant Ladies Collective 
Vancouver, Canada 
Playwrights: The Elegant Ladies Collective 
The Elegant Ladies are back for our fourth year with another interactive, site-specific, interdisciplinary theatrical cornucopia. Make a choice, make a change, make a difference—this year we are at Make, and we are challenging our audience to remake themselves, and to engage in art as social resistance through acts of creative making and mischief. 

On Peripeteia: “Go see it.” —Plank Magazine
on ESUM: “They share freely of their creativity and compassion.” —Plank Magazine
on Eidola: “It sure was something special.” —Plank Magazine 

The performance on September 11 is half-price!

Weird / Poetic / Intimate / 45 minutes / 14+ 

Underrepresented artist: The Elegant Ladies strive to be an inclusive, LGBTQ friendly, and fully accessible community that prides itself on diversity.

9/7/2017 To 9/16/2017
Isabelle Kirouac & Nayana Fielkov 
Vancouver, Canada 
Playwrights: Isabelle Kirouac & Nayana Fielkov
Accompanied by a mysterious white hare, a woman travels through time to find home in an unknown world. Habitats is a show for all ages blending physical comedy, acrobatic stilts, contemporary dance, and shadow puppetry. It is about the magic we carry with us and the ways we find stability in a world of continuous transformation.  
The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Funny / Family Friendly / Poetic / 45 minutes / All Ages 
9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
Gigantic Lying Mouth

Rhyming Optional Productions 
Glasgow, UK
Playwright: Kevin P. Gilday 
Kevin P. Gilday is an award winning spoken word artist from Glasgow, Scotland. Unfortunately, he is also dead. After perishing in a tragic yoga accident, Kevin finds himself trapped in the afterlife—only to find things are a little different on the other side.

A reflexive solo performance combining contemporary spoken word with drama and comedy. 

“This was something special. There is a quiet, unusual talent burgeoning here ... go and witness it for yourself.” —Ed Fringe Review
“A powerhouse poet at the top of his game.” —Lingo Festival 

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Funny / Weird / Poetic / 60 minutes / 18+ / Coarse Language / Sexual Content


9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
Bombay Black by Anosh Irani

Raghupriya Society 
Burnaby, Canada
Playwright: Anosh Irani  
The lives of an Indian exotic dancer and her embittered mother are altered when a blind stranger visits them. Poetic, mythic, and brave, Anosh Irani’s 2006 multiple Dora Award-winning Bombay Black is a searing play set in the bitter reality of India. Funny, violent, humane, and directed by Mumbai-born, Fringe award winning producer Rohit Chokhani.

Rohit Chokhani’s prior Fringe award-winning production work in different capacities includes: Siddhartha:  A Journey Home, winner of the Talk of the Fringe Award, and Mrs. Singh and Me, winner of the Pick of the Fringe Award. 

Funny / Poetic / Multicultural / 100 minutes / 14+ / Coarse Language / Sexual Content / Violent Content / Smoke Fog

Underrepresented artist: Performed by culturally diverse actors - this production engages with the members of the blind community and the South Asian community and will take you on a journey into their world.

9/7/2017 To 9/16/2017
Blue River Blues

Jim Sands Presents 
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Jim Sands 
A one-person storytelling memoir about life as a Snowmobile Tour Guide at the Athabasca Glacier in 1979. Jim Sands (Charlie: A Hockey Story, The Shakuhachi Quest, and Dating für Dumb Heads) uses stories, songs, and images to tell an intricate tale of glaciers, gorbies, and grand theft auto told against the glorious spectacle of the Rocky Mountains. 

“A gregarious and engaging storyteller.” —Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald
“Quickly drew me under his spell.” —Donna G., The More the Merrier (Toronto)
“You are in for a treat.” —Jason Broadfoot, Plank Magazine 

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Musical / Poetic / 60 minutes / 14+ 

9/7/2017 To 9/16/2017
Hyena Subpoena

Cat Kidd 
Montreal, Canada
Playwright: Cat Kidd 
Mona Morse travels through South Africa and through time. A multimedia meditation on predator and prey, and the creatures within. Hyena Subpoena has earned prize nominations with the League of Canadian Poets, Quebec Writers’ Federation, and Expozine. A love letter to all those who, like the hyena, defy easy categorization. 

“A riveting storyteller. ”—The Straits Times (Singapore)
“One of Canada’s most talented wordsmiths.” —Broken Pencil
“...a rollercoaster. Catharsis will come. Scream now, exhale at the end.” — 

Poetic / Intellectual / Intimate / 55 minutes / 14+

9/8/2017 To 9/16/2017

Theatre Terrific 
Vancovuer, Canada 
Playwright: Susanna Uchatius in collaboration with the cast. 
Breath-Ahhh’s all inclusive cast explores the universal truth... that breath is something we all share. This rhythmical explosive work uses dance, imagistic gestures, self-expressed soundscape, and all variations of emotional and physical breath to define the means to support humanity’s co-existence. Join us for another remarkable pioneering work! 

Theatre Terrific is in the development of increasing accessibility capacity for the Deaf-blind, low-vision, and blind communities. Please reach out at or through our ASL interpreters at 778.819.0836 for more information.

Weird / Poetic / Multicultural / 45 minutes / 14+

Underrepresented artist: Collaboratively created and performed by artists who may identify as deaf, physically, mentally, cognitively, gender and culturally different.


9/8/2017 To 9/17/2017
Ain't True & Uncle False

Paul Strickland Presents 
Covington, USA 
Playwright: Paul Strickland 
Step Right Up! Mark Twain meets Tim Burton in this one-man trailer-park comedy (with songs!).
***** —Winnipeg Free Press (2015)
***** —Vue Weekly (Edmonton, 2014)
“Ushers in a new storytelling presence instantly worthy of a place on the top shelf.” —Edmonton Journal (2014)
Winner: Best of Fest at the Calgary Fringe, 2016
Winner: Best of Fest at the Cincinnati Fringe, 2013 
“Through Strickland’s pitch perfect storytelling and verbal acrobatics ... we’re transported to a magical place where common sense may be in short supply, but wisdom abounds.” —CBC (2015) 

The performance on September 8 is half-price!

Funny / Musical / Poetic / 60 minutes / 14+


9/8/2017 To 9/16/2017
A Very Unpleasant Evening at the Rockefeller Rink sometime Late December...ish.

Rainhair Studios
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Annahis Basmadjian 
Six people, all carrying six different sets of baggage, try to have a nice evening at the Rockefeller Rink. Things of course don’t go as planned. Stories intertwine, revelations are had, but maybe, with each other's help, they can make this unpleasant Rockefeller evening a little less unpleasant. 

The performance on September 13 is half-price!

VocalEye will live describe this show for patrons with low vision on Saturday, September 16 at 3:50pm at The Cultch.

Funny / Weird / Poetic / 60 minutes / 14+ / Coarse Language

9/8/2017 To 9/16/2017

Pretentious Productions 
Edmonton, Canada 
Playwright: Savanna Harvey 
Cells in a petri dish. A scientist. A ghost. A laboratory mouse. We are on a journey to see what can’t be seen. We are on a quest to find truth in the dark. Part of the 2017 Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals tour, Shadowlands will be presented in the Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver Fringes.  

The performance on September 8 is half-price!

Poetic / Intellectual / 60 minutes / 14+ 

Underrepresented artist: Female creator-performer.

9/8/2017 To 9/11/2017
'Tween Earth and Sky

Windwhistle Theatre 
Nevada City, USA 
Playwright: Mark Lyon 
From a clever lad’s attempt to outwit a leprechaun, to stones which weep tears of regret over an ill-starred romance, to a ruined aristocrat’s desperate bargain with the Devil, and a young rake’s harrowing journey with a talking corpse, Mark Lyon’s dramatization of four Irish tales of the supernatural weaves an unforgettable spell of enchantment. 

The performance on September 9 is half-price!

“He is a master storyteller.” —Victoria Times Colonist
“One man, Mark Lyon, a born storyteller and charismatic tenor carried the audience in his palms.” —Prince George Free Press 

Funny / Family Friendly / Poetic / 60 minutes / All Ages

9/8/2017 To 9/16/2017
Six Fine Lines

Level-Headed Friends Productions 
Vancouver, Canada 
Playwright: Mack Gordon 
A rolling, grieving, game show house party! Through a series of epigrams, anecdotes, poems, and game shows, Mack Gordon pastes together a living collage. Six Fine Lines is pop rocks for your head and heart from the creator of last Halloween’s theatre in the dark hit, Three Stories Up, and previous Fringe Festival sell out, Shake the Sheets

“Gordon is a playwright worth taking seriously.” —
“The pictures Gordon paints are so vivid, they take on a life of their own.” —Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents 

The performance on September 8 is half-price!

Weird / Poetic / Intimate / 60 minutes / 14+


9/8/2017 To 9/17/2017
The Indefinable Soul

Uscript Productions 
Vancovuer, Canada 
Playwright: Rachelle Tomm 
Inspired by passion, a poetic piece about a woman’s energizing mission to squeeze one hour into every minute. It’s about finding passion through fear, and allowing ourselves the vulnerability to absorb every experience. It’s not about the good or the bad; it’s about living to love, and loving the imperfections that create who we are.  

The performance on September 8 is half-price!

Poetic / Intellectual / Intimate / 50 minutes / 14+


9/8/2017 To 9/16/2017
The Birdmann: BIRDHOUSE

Surfers Paradise, Australia
Playwright: Trent Baumann
Fly to the future in a live cartoon action comedy adventure with live music and cool variety from Australia and Japan that is totally out of this world!

“Surprising images and a memorable communal experience. Recommended.” —the Georgia Straight
“Good natured stage presence and eye for visual splendour made the show worth it.” —Vancouver Sun 
“What a fringe show should look like ... King of the Fringe.” —Showbill
***** —Times Colonist

Winner Best Circus: Melbourne Fringe
Nominee Original Comedy: Edinburgh Fringe
Nominee Best Comedy: Montreal Fringe  

The performance on September 9 is half-price!

Funny / Family Friendly / Poetic / 40 minutes / All Ages

9/9/2017 To 9/17/2017
Bushel and Peck

Alastair Knowles 
Vancouver, Canada 
Playwrights: Alastair Knowles & Stephanie Morin-Robert 
Alastair Knowles (of Canadian Comedy Award winning James & Jamesy) and Stephanie Morin-Robert (five-time Best of Fest winner) stage their relationship with wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence.

Winning Best Cast (London) and Best Choreography (Montreal) Bushel and Peck is “the perfect tonic for whatever ails your mind.” —London Free Press 
“A complete original. ... It’s like watching kittens play... weird yet wondrous to watch. ...  Bushel and Peck is a unique, skillful, indescribable, wonderful show. ... A masterpiece.” —Montreal Rampage         

Funny / Weird / Poetic / 75 minutes / All Ages 

9/11/2017 To 9/17/2017
Advance Theatre New Works by Women: Hidden Memories

Gwaandak Theatre 
Whitehorse, Canada 
Playwright: Lillian Nakamura Maguire
Directed by Donna Yamamoto 
The daughter of Japanese immigrants sifts through her parents’ memorabilia, piecing together their early BC life and forced relocation. She tries to find peace with her parents’ choices during times of racial discrimination, her own identity, and what she passes on to her daughter.
National Association of Japanese Canadians Endowment Fund support. 

Tear-Jerker / Poetic / Multicultural / 90 minutes / 14+

This show is part of the Advance Theatre New Works by Women series.

Tickets are available at the door only and are pay-what-you-can with a suggested rate of $5 to $10.

Underrepresented artist: Written by Lillian Nakamura Maguire, a second generation Japanese Canadian, emerging playwright living in Whitehorse Yukon.

9/13/2017 1:30 PM