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Katharine Ferns is in Stitches

Katharine Ferns 
Manchester, United Kingdom
Playwright: Katharine Ferns 
This Canadian debut of a brutally funny storytelling show from Manchester based comedian Katharine Ferns is a comedic journey about learning to laugh at the visible and invisible scars of surviving mental illness, domestic violence, and drug addiction—plus some feminism for comic relief.

“The most incredible comedy performance I’ve ever seen.” —Phil Jones (audience member as quoted on BBC Radio 2
“Observant and witty, Katharine is a modern, 21st century woman, who throws herself into life and consequently her jokes.” —
“Salty-sweet, savagely honest, brutally funny.” —Scene Magazine 

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Funny / Intense / Naughty / 70 minutes / 18+ / Coarse Language / Sexual Content

9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
A Night at the Rose Coloured Discotheque

Buy Me Dinner First Productions 
Vancouver, Canada 
Playwrights: Dylan Archambault & Arggy Jenati  
Club kids Toasty and Jorge spend their night at the local rave. They’re regulars at the joint, drinks are cheap, friendships are still intact, and it’s most likely only Tylenol Extra Strength they found in the bottom of her purse but, the night is still young. A satire about independent culture, trying to find love, or trying to find a job in 2017. 

Written by comedy duo Dylan Archambault and Arggy Jenati who have worked for CBC Comedy and at The Groundlings Theatre and School. Contains mild profanity and nudity, maybe, depending on the night! Dance. Drink. Repeat! 

The performance on September 9 is half-price!

Funny / Naughty / 75 minutes / 18+ / Coarse Language / Sexual Content / Nudity

9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
Fifty Shades of Dave

Happysad Theatre 
Vancouver, Canada
Playwrights: Kyle Carpenter & Nico Dicecco 
A loving tribute and erotic parody of The Vinyl Cafe. Fifty Shades of Dave thrusts Dave and Morley into situations you’ve never heard on the CBC. All the warmth and wit of Stuart McLean’s beloved stories with a sexy twist. If you thought Dave couldn’t truss a turkey... 

The performance on September 9 is half-price!

Funny / Naughty / Warm and Fuzzy / 60 minutes / 18+ / Coarse Language / Sexual Content

9/7/2017 To 9/17/2017
OBIT: A Deathly Serious Comedy

Alone Together Productions 
Delta, Canada 
Playwrights: Cathy Collis & Simon Roberts 
Three distinct lives. Three different deaths. Countless comedic possibilities. Is it okay to laugh in the face of death? There’s no room for sentimentality as our cast of animated actors question whether our obituaries tell the whole story. OBIT is a deathly serious comedy about life. See this before you die!  

The performance on September 14 is half-price!

Funny / Intense / Naughty / 65 minutes / 14+ / Coarse Language / Sexual Content

9/9/2017 To 9/17/2017