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A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s
A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s

TJ Dawe
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: TJ Dawe

Jessie Award winning Fringe favourite TJ Dawe (Slipknot, Medicine, Roller Coaster) returns with the 15th anniversary remount of his show about a working holiday in England, pouring pints at Butlin’s Holiday Camp—the McDonald’s of resorts—a British cultural institution—and an absolute shithole. This is TJ’s 113th Fringe. Yes, really.

“This guy’s headed for the stand-up hall of fame.” —the Georgia Straight
“Dawe has storytelling down to a fine art.” —the Vancouver Sun
“If Jerry Seinfeld and George Carlin has a baby, it’d be TJ Dawe.” —Winnipeg Sun
“A master monologist.” —Toronto Star

Funny / Intellectual / Intimate / 75 minutes / 14+ / Coarse Language


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