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A David Lynch Wet Dream
A David Lynch Wet Dream

Acherontia Productions
Montreal, Canada
Composer/Performer: Natasha Perry-Fagant 
A David Lynch Wet Dream is a surrealist movement piece, a solo show following a character trying to find her place within a harsh and intangible landscape. The story of leaving the clutches of naivety and grappling with the ever-changing nature of identity. Making use of projection and an encompassing sound design, the show plunges the audience into a one of a kind sensory experience.

“By treating the audience as an abstract body … Natasha made a poignant statement about the role external pressures play in the day-to-day performativity of the human body ... Natasha was able to bring me from despair to empowerment.” —Sonja Hanson, CJLO

The performance on September 7 is half-price!

Weird / Intense / Poetic / 45 minutes /  18+ / Nudity / Strobe Lights

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