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A Woman of a Certain Age (R)
A Woman of a Certain Age (R)

A Woman of a Certain Age ®
Archetype Productions
Calgary, Canada
Playwright: Wendy Froberg

A hilarious, poignant, and truthful portrayal of six women who, as they grow older, are pushed to the edge by the demands of family and career, struggling with the changes and losses that accompany becoming an “invisible woman” in a culture obsessed with youth and beauty. Widowhood, grey divorce, dementia, on-line dating, botox—it’s all here!

“Froberg’s charm, charisma and approachability carry her performance.” — Edmonton Sun
“Tackles universal subjects in an honest and entertaining way.” —Edmonton Journal 
“An admirable job of moving between the characters.” —Winnipeg Free Pres

Funny / Tear-Jerker / Intimate / 14+ / 60 minutes


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