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Auguries of Innocence
Auguries of Innocence

Vancouver, Canada 
Playwright: William Rubel  

Two brothers return to the island cabin where their father, a struggling novelist, met a tragic end. It takes an old actor, the spirit of William Blake, and love and anger across three centuries to help them perceive the infinite in the midst of loss. Written by a Blake scholar, and author of several ritual poetic dramas, including Sonnets to Orpheus (Paper Trails new play prize), the story draws on Blake’s letters, his marriage, his three years in a cottage at Felpham, and his basic myth of the division of Urizen (reason) into Spectre (thought) and Emanation (feeling). Several of Blake’s poems weave in and out of the action, in the form of an original, live musical score. Come share an hour in eternity.

The performance on September 6 is half-price!
Intense / Musical / Poetic / 75 minutes / 14+

Underrepresented artist: Written and produced by a neurodiverse playwright. 


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