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Borderline A**hole
Borderline A**hole

Borderline A**hole
Julie Gieseke, Solo Performer
San Francisco,  USA
Playwright: Julie Gieseke

After years of falling for totally unavailable women, Julie has just found her ideal girlfriend. Everything is perfect except they can’t agree on one thing: That Julie is the problem. Is Julie an Asshole or a Borderline? Julie can’t tell.

“There is an immense genuineness at the heart of Borderline A**hole. Gieseke bares her true self... her warmth and sincerity give you the sense that you are being told a story by a close friend. ... Sure to make you laugh.” —, New York

Funny / Intense / Tear-Jerker / LGBTQ+ / 18+ / 65 minutes

This show is created by an underrepresented Artist.

The writer/performer is a 53 year old bi-racial Lesbian.
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