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Didn’t Hurt
Didn’t Hurt

Didn’t Hurt
Tonic Records
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Rodney Decroo

A story about a tough upbringing, and how that played out, by Rodney Decroo (Stupid Boy in an Ugly Town), directed and dramaturged by TJ Dawe (Medicine, Marathon, The Slipknot, and more). 

“Few artists risk attempting it: turning something profoundly and deeply painful into a work of transformative beauty.” —the Georgia Straight
“Creative powerhouse.” —Canadian Beats 
“An unassuming yet mesmerizing performer.” —Winnipeg Free Press
“Decroo can create a crystal-clear scene, rich in detail. From a child’s hero worship of cowboys to an adult getting a life-changing massage, the audience is there with him.” —Orlando Sentine

Intense / Tear-Jerker / Intimate / 14+ / Coarse Language / Violent Content / Sexual Content /  75 minutes Low vision l


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