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Shameless Hussy Productions

Ever woken up beside a stranger? What if it was planned that way?
 shameless hussy productions presents the critically acclaimed one-woman show Dissolve by Meghan Gardiner. Dissolve confronts the topic of drink spiking and drug facilitated sexual assault. Responding to interest from schools and educators, Dissolve has toured to colleges, universities and high schools throughout North America for over a decade. Dissolve stars Emmelia Gordon who earned a Jessie Richardson Award for her performance in this role.


Dissolve follows a college girl on a night out, moving back and forth from bedroom to bar scenes, morphing between a flurry of 16 characters, both comedic and compelling. Designed to provoke thought and dialogue about sexual consent, Dissolve challenges us to change our thinking and behavior surrounding alcohol, drugs and sexual assault.


Ages 13+

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