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Oakland, USA
Playwright: Figment 
Imagine Charlie Chaplin stumbled into a Salvador Dalí painting.

Dive into the world of a curious writer whose uncontrollable story takes over her life. Figments of imagination are born from her pen, walking a wavering line between reality and fantasy. Part comedy, circus, magic, unexpected puppetry, acrobatic dance, cookies, and audience immersion.
Figmentally is a figment of your imagination that you will want to play over and over again ... A physical theatre experience unlike any other you have seen.” —The Road to 1,000 with Marc Gonzalez 
“Combined physical comedy, mime, magic, juggling, dance, and clown antics into a delightful and whimsical romp.” —Indie Voice Blog

The performance on September 10 is half-price!

Funny / Weird / Family Friendly / 60 minutes / All Ages 

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