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in several times
in several times

in several times
O Albatross
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Linnea Gwiazda

How does the body remember? How does space hold memory? An enchanting choreography of space, memory, and the body, in several times weaves movements, sounds and scents from the stories held within us. An ever-evolving concert, enveloped in wafts of fresh dill and lemon, takes us on a hypnotic journey through times both past and present.

Created by the Director of Awkward Hug: BC Touring Council Award winner at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, 2018. 

***** “Engaging from start to finish.” —Vue Weekly 
***** “Spectacular.” —GigCity 
“Beautiful.” —CBC Manitoba 
“Poignant.” —NOW Magazine Toronto

Poetic / Intimate / All Ages / 50 minutes
Deaf friendly


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