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Jasper in Deadland
Jasper in Deadland

Awkward Stage Productions 
Vancouver, Canada
Playwrights: Ryan Scott Oliver & Hunter Foster

When you’re failing classes, kicked off the swim team, and your family is on the skids, life can feel like it’s going to hell. In a night of teenage desire, Jasper and her best friend Agnes consummate a years-long friendship. In the morning Agnes is gone. Jasper goes after her. Come meet us at the touch of water. Take a deep dive into Deadland

Jasper In Deadland is a journey of self-discovery that moved me in such a way that it brought tears to my eyes.” —New York Theatre Guide
“And electrifying surge of theatrical energy!” —Entertainment Weekly

Weird / Intense / Musical / LGBTQ+ / 90 minutes / All Ages

Underrepresented artist: Jasper in Deadland is led by a core production team of queer women and  features a cast of diverse actors in the story two teenage girls falling in love in the face of natural and supernatural adversity.  The story was originally written with a cis-gender, male-female romance, but the NYC writers have given special permission for Awkward to explore this narrative through an intersectional lens.  


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