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Lil Theatre Company
Orlando, USA 
Created by Tymisha Harris, Michael Marinaccio, and Tod Kimbro

Six-time “Outstanding Performance” winner Tymisha Harris stars in this six-time Best of Fest winning off-Broadway biographical musical that combines theatre, cabaret, and dance to tell the story of the iconic Josephine Baker, the first African American international superstar and one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th Century.

***** “Tymisha Harris’ performance is a tour de force.” —CBC 
***** “If there’s a truly must-see show... it’s Josephine.” —Winnipeg Free Press 
***** “It’s is a perfect piece of theatre for the time we are currently in.” —PlaysToSee, New York

Musical / Intimate / LGBTQ+ / Multicultural / 18+ / Sexual Content / Nudity / 75 minutes

This show is created by an underrepresented Artist.

Tymisha Harris, the performer and co-creator, is an African-American woman. The subject of the show is Josephine Baker, the first African-American international superstar, who was also bisexual.



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