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Lili Robinson
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Lili Robinson

What of culture and ancestry lives within us, and how much is determined by our upbringing? Does blood equal belonging? Pulling on elements of clown, bouffon, and mythology from the African Diaspora, Mx cracks open notions of mixed-race, Black, and Queer identity through the lens of a character stuck in the in-between.

ASL Interpretation will be available at the Sunday September 15 performance. The original show is not altered. This performance is accessible to persons that are Hearing, d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Funny / Intense / In Your Face / LGBTQ+ / Multicultural / 14+ / Coarse Language / Violent Content / 75 minutes

This show is created by an underrepresented Artist.

The cast and core creative team of Mx is made up entirely of queer and/or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) Artists. The show is based around navigating queer, Black, mixed-race identity, based on the experiences of creator Lili Robinson.

In assembling the Mx creative team, centreing the vision and artistry of Black women and femmes was given top priority.


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