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My Name is SUMIKO
My Name is SUMIKO

My Name is SUMIKO
New(to)Town Collective
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: June Fukumura

June Fukumura is a Japanese-Canadian theatre maker based in Vancouver. By day she is a polite, well-mannered theatre artist and by night she is her dark humoured, hyper kawaii, raunchy clown alter-ego, Sumiko. Sumiko dices, slices, and blends up Japanese stereotypes and serves up a zany, East-meets-West comedy about life, death, and love.

Funny / Weird / Naughty / Multicultural / 18+ / Coarse Language / Violent Content / Sexual Content / 60 minutes
Deaf friendly

This show is created by an underrepresented Artist.

Created and performed by second generation Nikkei (Japanese-Canadian) clown


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