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Old Fart
Old Fart

Old Fart
Theatre Praxis
London, Canada
Playwright: Tim Bourgard

Hilarious, touching, fun. Old Tom is a quirky Old Fart. He takes you through the joys and challenges of living long, laughing hard, and loving deeply. Stories, jokes, songs, and tears, but mostly laughs. He’s everyone’s Granddad with a twist. He’s actually funny! Young or old, you’ll love him! 

Winner of the People’s Choice & Best Actor Awards at the London One Act Festival, and Nominated for Best Comedy at the Brickenden Awards, London.

“A delightfully warm, poignant, silly and fun 60 minutes suitable for all, one that is sure to put a smile on your face that will stay long after you leave the theatre.” —Joe Belanger, the  London Free Press

Funny / Silly / Musical / All Ages / 60 minutes



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