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Rape is Real & Everywhere
Rape is Real & Everywhere

Rape is Real & Everywhere
Vancouver, Canada
Playwrights: Emma Cooper & Friends

Can rape jokes be funny? What if the people telling them were survivors? Rape is Real is seasoned stand-up comedians, raw honesty, and cathartic laughs. This hit independent show sold out across the country before #MeToo gained momentum and is back because we always need to laugh at the hard stuff.  

“I found it 100% more hilarious than being raped.” —Lucia Lorenzi, PhD

Funny / Intense / In Your Face / LGBTQ+ / Multicultural / 18+ / Coarse Language / Violent Content / Sexual Content / 75 minutes

This show is created by an underrepresented Artist.

Written and performed by diverse survivors. Visit to learn more about the show's 20 stand-up comedians.

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