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The Fringe Cabaret October
The Fringe Cabaret October

Fringe Cabaret: Back From The Dead

The old Studio 1398 theatre? Oh no, there hasn’t been anyone in there ever since the Fringe ended. What’s that? Well gee let me think, oh that must have been nearly four, maybe even five weeks ago. Not a soul has dared to venture near that place since… the incident. Some say it’s haunted… restless spirits of Fringers passed, roaming the halls luring in passers-by with promises of clever social commentary and possible nudity. Oh there’s been stories for sure—rumours mostly—they say on All Hallow’s Eve the infernal specters gather together to perform secret rites and experimental theatre, and that those bold enough to cross the threshold into their dark realm will be forever changed… or at least pleasantly amused.

Hosted by very special guests, the infernally funny: Phantom Signal.

Jayson McDonald
Tara Travis
Andrew Bailey
Shirley Gnome
Andy Canete
David C. Jones
Megan Phillips
Nayana Fielkov
Jeff Leard
Sydney Hayduk
Cory Thibert
Valerie Cotic
Allie Entwistle
Kerri Donaldson
Natalie Watson
Devon More

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