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The Fringe Cabaret: Back to School Special
The Fringe Cabaret: Back to School Special

The Fringe Festival has an addictive quality. Patrons gorge on theatre and artists riff off each others’ work. And just like the patrons, artists can’t wait for the Fringe—that’s why there’s now a series of Fringe Cabarets! Created by Fringe alumni, this variety show includes a mix of sketch, storytelling, dance, burlesque, clown, and more with different themes and artists at every performance including Jeff Leard, Sydney Hayduk, Fraz Wiest, Tristan Helgason, Andrew Bailey, Tara Travis, Jayson McDonald, Cory Thibert, Linnea Gwiazda, Valerie Cotic, David C. Jones, Natalie Watson, and more!

The Fringe Cabaret: Back to School Special
August 26, 2017

Summer is coming to a close and with September just around the corner it’s time to celebrate that special time of year.  A time filled with pencils and chalk, backpacks and spitballs, a time to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a while and share stories of your summer adventures.  That’s right!  It’s Fringe again!  And our esteemed faculty of Fringe artists have prepared a pre-Fringe refresher course to make sure you get the most out of your Fringe experience.  Audiences will be encouraged to challenge their skills at laughter, applause, paying attention, and socializing in the lobby. 

*We do not offer college credit.

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