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The Trophy Hunt
The Trophy Hunt

The Trophy Hunt
November Theatre
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Trina Davies

An exploration of who eats who. Parker has waited his whole life for this trip. Jan follows this same path and makes this same trip every day – there is still some enjoyment in nature. Soraya wishes they’d all leave her alone on her beach vacation. Go on a hunt for something wild and dangerous... you just might find it.   Part of a rolling World Premiere mounted at five Fringes across the country this summer.

This site-specific production is part of a rolling World Premiere of this play that is being mounted at five Fringes Festivals across the country this summer. 

Praise for Trina Davies’ previous show, Silence:
“Silence had me in tears the first time I read it.” —Dennis Garnhum, London’s Grand Theatre

Funny / Intellectual / Intimate / All Ages / 50 minutes


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