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Tommy's Amazing Journey
Tommy's Amazing Journey

Tommy’s Amazing Journey
New Westminster, Canada
Playwrights: Pete Townsend/Kevin Armstrong

In 1969, The Who released Tommy, a concept album that was the first “Rock Opera.” Fifty years later, Kevin Armstrong (Opera for Heathens) brings his astounding solo performance of this seminal album to the Fringe, singing all of the roles while playing 8-string guitar. 

Come and join us on an “Amazing Journey” with the “Pinball Wizard.”

“Opera for Heathens is a beautiful and often electrifying display.” —Vue Weekly, Edmonton 
“And that voice, my God, that voice! … Prepare yourself for an hour of intense musical talent.” —Brieanna Ingram, Plank Magazine, Vancouver

Intense / Musical / Intellectual / All Ages / 60 minutes
Low vision


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