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Workshop: Musical Improv
Workshop: Musical Improv

What?! Yes! Musical Improv is exactly as it sounds: creating a musical on the spot! This means scenes, songs, dance, an music all created spontaneously in the moment. It requires emotional expression, collaboration, a willingness to go big, and a connection to your inner voice. Through a series of exercises, musical improv games, and improvised musical scene work, you will get a beautiful introduction to the world of musical improvisation. Veteran musical improvisers Jennifer Pielak and Peter Abando (Inside Voices: A Musical In The Key of P) are known for creating an incredibly safe and playful space to work. Come to this workshop and be blown away by just how much fun you will have!

Skills You Will Learn: spontaneous song creation / new ways to organically use your voice / improv rhyming / improv dance / group collaboration / emotional expression through music, dance & song / yes and & heightening moments / musical & song theory

This Workshop is for: Singers. Actors. Improvisers. Musical Theatre Nerds. Drama Teachers. Shower Singers. Karaoke Stars. Creative Types. Bad Singers. People Who Are Terrified of Trying It. People Who Think This Would Be The Greatest Thing.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing in layers (you will move a lot). Bring water, tea/coffee, and a snack. Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can start on time.

This workshop is for adults 18+


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